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A women pickles and preserves food including onions and chillis in jars


We run various workshops which are female-only or mixed. At our workshops, we teach participants the concepts of circular economy and food sustainability. We explain how the food system ties together with our health, tieing the circle of a holistic system. Most importantly, we give the practical know-how and tools on how to implement these ideas. This includes everything from understanding which produce is local and seasonal, to learning food preservation techniques, as well as waste management and recycling.


Our events are fun and engaging. They encourage the community to get together, and to spread awareness. We hold events around religious and cultural holidays, such as Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Nowruz. We are also passionate about charity appeals, and our events will be focused on the topics of food sustainability while raising money for the causes closest to our hearts, such as the Syria or Palestine crises.

women talking in the street together, they are smiling and come from different religious and ethnic
A women carries a basket of walnuts and figs


Our campaigns are extremely important to making the much needed changes in our world. We want to make sustainable food choices more accessible for our communities. This includes encouraging local food vendors to minimise their waste and highlighting which produce is local and seasonal to customers. We also want to encourage supermarkets to include more diversity friendly language so that all people/ groups can make more informed choices.

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