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Perennis Logo - a mandala with the word Perennis partially inside it - it is dark green

Working towards a sustainable community by celebrating our traditional cultures


We give our communities the tools to take control of their own food cycles.
We want to make sustainability accessible, because everyone can have a beautiful life.

At Perennis, we teach and advocate practices that lead to a more sustainable - or perennial - lifestyle, one which respects nature. We want to change the way our communities consume food and manage waste.

a group of women stand in a circle with their hands forming a circle in the middle of the group

Perennis is an environmental community project with a focus on interfaith communities. As most faith-based systems believe, nature is sacred. We believe that this worldview can act in the aid of environmentalism, and that we can achieve sustainability by resuscitating traditional knowledge from our cultures.

There is a wealth of wisdom universally held within traditional cultures that can teach us about our relationship to nature. This wisdom is preserved within practices which, besides being sustainable and low-impact, can also guide us morally, physically and spiritually.

Outdoor grocery stall ran by a man in central london

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Our mission is to engage, educate and encourage our communities to implement lifestyle practices which respect nature and lead to a more sustainable, circular life for all of us

composting bin filled with soil, food scraps and egg shells


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